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Absence Management.pdf550 kb14-Dec-21
Appraisal Policy.pdf357 kb14-Dec-21
Assessment Recording & Reporting Policy.pdf400 kb10-Jan-20
Associate Policy .pdf368 kb12-Nov-20
Authorised Leave of Absence Policy.pdf372 kb12-Nov-20
Communications Policy.pdf215 kb25-Jan-22
Competence Procedure for Support Staff.pdf395 kb14-Dec-21
Confidential Reporting Code - Whistleblowing.pdf517 kb17-Feb-20
COSHH Policy .pdf64 kb05-Aug-21
Cover for Absent Colleagues Policy.pdf219 kb14-Dec-21
Critical Incident Management Plan .pdf1.3 MB24-Mar-21
Data Breach Procedure.pdf197 kb21-Jan-21
Debit Card Procurement Policy & Procedures.pdf470 kb17-Feb-20
DHFS Code of Conduct for Employees V5.pdf312 kb12-Nov-20
Disciplinary Policy & Procedure.pdf1.2 MB03-Aug-20
Display Screen Equipment Policy .pdf46 kb05-Aug-21
Equalities Policy & Objectives.pdf252 kb25-Jan-22
External Contributors Policy & Guidance.pdf200 kb25-Jan-22
Financial Regulations & Procedures.pdf324 kb15-Nov-21
Financial Roles & Responsibilities.pdf180 kb15-Nov-21
Fire Safety Policy.pdf47 kb05-Aug-21
Governors Allowances Policy.pdf393 kb15-Nov-21
Grievance Procedure.pdf333 kb14-Dec-21
Harrassment and Bullying Policy and Procedures.pdf352 kb14-Dec-21
Health and Safety Policy .pdf129 kb05-Aug-21
ICT Backup Policy.pdf30 kb22-Nov-17
ICT Disaster Recovery Plan.pdf57 kb22-Nov-17
Lone Working Policy.pdf120 kb05-Aug-21
Managing Allegations Against Staff Carers & Volunteers Procedure.pdf413 kb14-Dec-21
Managment of Stress Policy.pdf195 kb21-Jan-21
Manual Handling Policy .pdf35 kb05-Aug-21
Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave Policy & Procedure.pdf1.0 MB03-Aug-20
Minibus Policy.pdf347 kb06-Feb-19
Noise Hazards Policy .pdf34 kb05-Aug-21
NQT Induction Policy.pdf402 kb16-Jan-20
Personal Protective Equipment .pdf37 kb05-Aug-21
Prevention of Violence & Aggression at Work.pdf466 kb17-Feb-20
Privacy Impact Assessment Procedure.pdf246 kb21-Jan-21
Private Fostering Policy.pdf571 kb03-Aug-20
Professional Competence of Teachers.pdf457 kb14-Dec-21
Professional Learning Policy.pdf267 kb25-Jan-22
Recruitment & Selection Policy.pdf474 kb14-Dec-21
Redundancy and Restructure Policy.pdf440 kb14-Dec-21
Safeguarding - Gov UK - Sexual_violence_and_sexual_harassment_between_children_in_schools_and_colleges (Sept 2021).pdf842 kb27-Sep-21
Staff ICT Acceptable Use Policy.pdf298 kb28-Sep-15
Supporting Disabled Employees.pdf433 kb14-Dec-21
Teachers Pay Policy.pdf496 kb14-Dec-21
Worklife Balance Policy.pdf227 kb15-Nov-21