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Teacher Development Coaching

The purpose of our Teacher Development Coaching is to:

  1. Improve student outcomes by expertly coaching teachers to become highly effective practitioners
  2. Contribute to a CPD culture which makes a demonstrable difference to teachers' practice across the school
  3. Support teachers to develop sustained habitual excellence in their practice

Meet the Team

Sarah Compai

Teacher Development Coach Sarah leads the team of Teacher Development Coaches at DHFS. With her guidance, the team support teachers in delivering high-quality classroom practices school-wide. She believes that all students deserve the very best learning experience through team work and collaboration, using data to improve learning and teaching in the classroom.

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Director of Teacher Development and English Teacher

Sarah has been working as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team since 2014 as Director of Teacher Development. She works closely with Andy James, Assistant Headteacher for Learning and Teaching, to support teachers to ensure the highest quality of practice in classrooms across the school. She leads the team of Teacher Development Coaches at DHFS.

Her interests lie in all areas of pedagogy but in particular, the personalisation and planning process of a teacher's professional work and how we can use data to improve learning and teaching experiences in the classroom. Sarah has been working as a coach in colleagues' classrooms for more than four years now and feedback from teachers she has worked with reflects a supportive process with positive outcomes. Sarah is keen to work with all DHFS teachers who would like to develop their professional practice. She has a deep rooted belief that all students deserve the very best learning experience we can give them, and that team work and collaboration is the best way to achieve this goal.

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Please get in touch if you're interested in working with one of the Teacher Development Coaches.

Teacher Development Coaches:

Teacher Development Coach

Chris Shortman

Teacher Development CoachChris is passionate about student engagement and relationship building. He strives to minimise workload in order to focus on planning enjoyable lessons, and has experience in DIRT and Lemov classroom strategies.

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Science Teacher / Science ACL

Chris is passionate about student engagement and effective relationship building with students. The role of Teacher Development Coach appealed to Chris based on his appraisal work with members of the Science faculty. He believes that showing genuine passion and love for a subject can drive any student towards success whilst simultaneously managing behaviour.

Chris is always looking to find ways to minimise workload so that the focus can be maintained on planning thorough and enjoyable lessons for both student and teacher – honing in on effective questioning techniques, and assessment for learning that informs future planning. Chris has previous experience of working with colleagues to develop their classroom practice through the implementation of strategies such as DIRT and Lemov work.

Teacher Development Coach

Stephanie Hall

Teacher Development CoachStephanie is interested in Cooperative Learning and believes that practical subject strategies can be useful when applied to the classroom. She's looking forward to working with teachers to develop a mutual-learning culture.

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PE Teacher

Stephanie believes that the strategies used in practical subjects such as PE, can be useful when implemented in classroom-based subjects. The well-established teaching approaches of Cooperative Learning are ideas which she first became interested in when researching and writing her dissertation. Now, having implemented these approaches in a practical setting, there are many positives which can be taken from them to continue to enhance students' learning.

She is excited to work as a Teacher Development Coach, working with teachers to develop and learn together. She is looking forward to contributing to the CPD programme and working with teachers at all levels of the profession to develop a mutual-learning culture.

Teacher Development Coach

Ben Swales

Teacher Development CoachBen believes that all students should be given the same opportunities to succeed, and that personalisation of learning, and ongoing monitoring and mentoring, leads to fully achieved potential in both students and staff alike.

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MFL Teacher / Fanshawe HPL

While interested in all aspects of teaching and learning, Ben's main areas of interest are personalisation of learning and behaviour for learning. His work in the pastoral leadership team of the school means that he is experienced in dealing with students for whom effective learning habits aren't yet fully developed.

While Ben's philosophy of teaching and learning will continue to evolve, the basic principle remains grounded in his firm belief that every student should be given the same opportunities to succeed, that personalised learning means monitoring and mentoring certain groups of students to ensure they achieve their potential and that this same philosophy applies to our staff. Ben is excited to work as part of the team of Teacher Development Coaches at DHFS.