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UniformThe page below contains the following information;

What does the DHFS uniform consist of?

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School currently enforces a school uniform for students in years 7 to 11.


  • Black formal blazer with the school crest
  • House lapel badge
  • Plain white short or long sleeved collared shirt; tucked in at all times with sleeves rolled down
  • Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School clip-on tie
  • Plain black tailored, formal trousers or a knee length formal skirt
  • Plain black low heeled shoes, which cover the instep of the foot, Trainers are not allowed.
  • Black or flesh coloured tights or black socks. White sports socks are not allowed.
  • Lanyard showing photo ID for Sixth Form students
  • Optional: Formal black cardigan or V neck sweater with or without the school crest. This should not be tucked into the trousers or skirt.


  • Jewellery and piercings: one simple ring and one pair of plain, earlobe stud earrings
  • No make-up is allowed except light mascara. No coloured nail varnish or false nails 
  • Hair should not be extreme in terms of style, cuts or colour 

Prohibited items of dress:

  • Footwear without backs (sandals, flip flops)
  • Trainers/fashion pumps/boots (including canvas, suede or fabric footwear, Vans, Converse, Decathlon pumps, Ugg boots or Timberland boots)
  • Black trainers from sports brands are not allowed as school shoes
  • UniformLycra / stretchy, fashion, or frilly skirts, or skirts that are above the knee
  • Tracksuit bottoms, jeans, combats, chinos, cords, fashion trousers or leggings
  • Headwear such as caps and bandanas, with the exception of students whose religion requires head covering or medical reasons
  • Hooded or tracksuit tops are only to be worn for PE/drama activities.

For more information, and photographic references of acceptable uniform and PE kit, please refer to the Uniform Expectations Booklet at the bottom of this page.


Where do I buy DHFS school uniform?

Blazers without a badge and other items of school uniform can be purchased from a number of retailers, however; all items of uniform with a badge and the school tie are currently available from Price & Buckland, or blazers, schools badges, and ties can be purchased from the school following payment via ParentPay.

Latest information regarding supply of School Uniform:

The current position is however that the school uniform is due to be all in stock and available as from end of July. We have the main Boys and Girls Blazer order due into us during the 2nd half of July. We are all unsure as to what exactly will happen at the beginning of September but we are stating that 2nd August is the last day for parents to place an order to ensure delivery for the start of term.


Non-compliance of our uniform policy

All students who are not in full uniform must bring a letter from home explaining why they are not able to wear full uniform and for how long the situation will last. Letters from parents must be shown to their mentor and then presented at student services where a red 'non-compliance' slip will be issued if we feel there is a genuine reason or issue.

All unauthorised instances of incorrect uniform and appearance will lead to a one-hour after school uniform detention (Wednesday 3:30pm - 4:30pm). Three uniform detentions in an academic year will result in a Headteacher's Detention.

The possible level of sanction for not conforming to the uniform and appearance policy may include:


Further advice about acceptable uniform

If you need any help or further advice on uniform, please contact us;

  • Email Mrs C. Burgin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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