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VLE Access e-learning courses and activities in our Virtual Learning Environment.

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) uses a piece of software called Moodle. It provides web-based support for over 150 courses and programmes by bringing together a range of resources and tools in one location that is available at any time and from any place via the Internet.


  • Course information and reading lists
  • Course notes
  • Access to electronic books
  • Multimedia content including video and audio
  • Collaborative and interactive activities


  • Access at any time, from anywhere, from any device (mobile friendly)
  • Resources are always available: an online reading is never 'out on loan'
  • Improved quality of the student learning experience through the integration of ICT with class teaching
  • A one-stop-shop for all course-related documents, communication and activities
  • Provides information on student activity
  • Improved teacher student communication
  • An online course calendar
  • Teachers can quickly upload files by 'drag and drop'

Future plans:

  • A more personalised learning experience with specific course enrolments