Aims, Ethos & Values

Our central purpose is to ensure that all children at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School achieve the highest standards of which they are capable. These standards will apply to all that children do, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in concert or on stage or in the extensive range of other opportunities we offer to students at all stages of their education.

Central to that purpose is an ordered, safe, tolerant and caring community which recognises the diverse talents and abilities of each individual. Thus we aim to provide a secure and disciplined environment where staff and students can work together in pursuit of the common goal.

To achieve our aims we offer:

  • proven standards of academic success
  • a holistic educational experience across a broad and balanced curriculum
  • outstanding educational resources
  • commitment to care and discipline
  • a vibrant and successful Sixth Form provision
  • enrichment through extra-curricular opportunities

We expect from our students:

  • a commitment from all students to work to their highest standard and to be reflective
  • self-reliance, resilience and a sense of responsibility
  • respect and tolerance for others

We commit ourselves to providing these opportunities in a secure, disciplined and supportive environment. We require a matching commitment from all our students: a commitment to work hard and achieve the maximum possible by taking advantage of what we offer; to become independent learners, capable of organising themselves; to take on responsibility; to respect and celebrate differences in others; and to behave towards other students and all adults with courtesy and consideration.

We take our responsibilities with regard to equalities and diversity very seriously, paying due regard to equalities legislation as per the Equality Act and other relevant legislation. We celebrate the diverse nature of our community. The school places the promotion of equality of opportunity at the heart of all of its work and seeks to ensure that its aspirations are understood and acted upon consistently at all levels.


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