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Written by: Eva Moat.

Arguably the biggest impact of Covid 19 has been the lack of socialising and the impact isolation has had on students, despite education providers’ best efforts.

Lost learning, weeks at home, online learning. Phrases we have heard for months on end. Not only have school children had to deal with the stress the pandemic has caused, but they have also had to contend with exams stress, worries about losing out on content and all of this without the face-to-face support of friends and family.

However, some positives have come out of this situation: community spirit is at an all time high now that lockdown restrictions are being eased; some students felt like the first lockdown gave them a sense of relaxation as life slowed down; everyone has had more free time and many have slept better.

The negatives may outweigh the positives in many ways, but student bodies across the country have come together and got through these tough times. The uncertainty of reality has certainly been one of the most difficult aspects of the pandemic, with exams being pushed back and then cancelled completely, flitting between home learning and in-school learning, various events being postponed or cancelled and distancing making everything one hundred percent more isolating and difficult. However, students like our very own have made the best of a bad situation: pushing on with assessments, applying for colleges and universities, entering inter-house competitions, keeping clubs and groups going and many more.

The new “normal” may be very different, especially with all restrictions not being eased until at least the end of June, but we will get through this and start a new chapter on the other side of a global pandemic. Whole year groups will leave before this date, with new students taking their place, but the concrete memories will remain and legacies will live on through the people who remain and the experiences they leave trace of.

People move on and things change. Change is the only constant in reality. So when this pandemic is over and we continue with similar lives to before March 2020, just know that aspects of life will be different: for better and hopefully, not for worse.

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