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DHFS Extra Curricular Sports NewsPE Department Coronavirus update—Year Round Up.

Unfortunately, due to unprecedented times we are not able to hold our annual sports presentation evening this year.. As a department we feel that we have had far too many sporting memories & achievements not to recognise any sporting awards this year. The PE department would like to dedicate this final PE newsletter to all the students who have represented school, turned up to practices & shown resilience and responsibility in PE lessons this academic year.
You will receive your certificate, trophy or badge when we return.
What has been happening in PE this year?
Number of clubs each week: 26
Number of students attending the clubs from Y7 to Y13: over 300
Number of competitions entered, District / County / national: 30+
Number of inter house competitions: 6
Number of fixtures: over 80
Number of events run by our young leaders: 15 from sports hall athletics to multi skills
Number of big events: 1 School ski trip 40 students travelled to Folgarida in Italy for another amazing week of skiing the Dolomites.
Number of visiting sporting athletes: 2 Sport for Champions: Anna Fitzpatrick and the athletes came into school and did a short fitness circuit, an inspirational assembly and give a demonstration of their sport for all of the students, with the aim of inspiring them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Managers Player Of The Year
This award is to recognise the one player who has consistently shown outstanding achievement and commitment throughout the season. This award is decided by your team teacher / coach. They will be given a sports badge to wear on their blazer.
Congratulations to the following students on winning managers player of the year:

Johnathon Wilson, Grace Burrows, Josh Vandrill, Lucy Clarke, Adam Brindle, Lola Hill, Brendon Collins & Jacob Russell

Jack Worrall, Matthew Thorpe, Max Cook, Ella Scothorn, Lauren Emmerson, Amy Cooper

Finley Rose

Jess Griffin, Johnathon Wilson, Joe Windle, Michael Wilson & Jack Godber

Table Tennis:
Freya Hammett, Sophie Blake, Matthew Stewart, Riley Hollister

X Country:
Issy Waugh, Maxim Johnson, Bobbie Waugh, Ryan Williams, Leah Gregory, Sophie Billups, Sam Gilson, Tom Spencer and Ewan Spencer

Indoor Rowing:
Natasha Hames, Noah Smith, Jessica Allen & Brendon Collins

Mayia Gandy, Maddy Duxbury, Chloe Waite, Mia Dawson & Lauren Oldale

Oliver Holdsworth, Katy Platts, Charlotte Jones & Michael Wilson

Congratulations to all our managers players this school year. The PE department would also like to thank every single student who has been to an extra-curricular club the standard of practise and play has been incredible this year. The PE department would also like to thank every student who has represented the school this year in a sport, whether you have competed in just one sport or you have competed in several we would like to give our thanks. While representing school your behaviour has been amazing, your sportsmanship, talent, skill, work rate, discipline, team work or individual work has been so enjoyable to watch and a pleasure to take you to events and matches to represent the school.

We look forward to continuing this amazing work and taking more students to fixtures, events and competitions next year.

Please attend as many extra-curricular clubs as possible as we are always looking for students to represent school in a wide variety of sports.

DHFS Achievements 2019-2020
Below are the list of accolades and achievements from school teams and individual performances this academic year, we as a department are so impressed and overjoyed by the performances this year and we hope that you students are so proud of all of your achievements.

Accolades and Achievements:
Y10 Rugby 7’s NED Champions
Y9 Semi-finalist in the Derbyshire Basketball Championship
KS3 Table Tennis Boys Team NED Champions, Derbyshire Champions and 4th English Schools Championship
KS4 Table Tennis Boys Team NED Champions, 3rd Derbyshire Championship
KS4 Table Tennis Girls Team NED Champions, 2nd Derbyshire Championships
Y7 NED X County Champions— Issy Waugh
Inter Girls NED X Country Champions —Leah Gregory
Senior Boys NED X Country Championships 2nd & 3rd—Tom Spencer & Ewan Spencer
NED Sports Hall Athletics Champions—KS3 Boys & Girls—KS4 Girls & Boys
KS3 Boys Badminton NED Champions
Y10 Boys Football Quarter-finalists ESFA National Schools Championships
Y8 Boys Football Final 16 ESFA National Schools Championships
U18 Girls Football Quarter-finalists ESFA National Schools Championships
U18 Girls Football Semi-finalist County Cup

High Flyers and High Triers.
These are important awards to the PE department and we feel that we should reward the students who have stood out this year. The HF is the top performer in the year and the HT is the hardest worker.
Each half term we give both awards to students in each group that we teach and we have a board with the students faces on. These awards are for KS3 students a girl and a boy from each year. These have been voted for by the PE department.

Ella Scothorne, Johnathon Wilson, Fraser Laurie, Niamh White, Simone Antunes, Matt Stewart, Alice Groarke, Oscar Williams, Grace Rummney, Michael Wilson, Libby Lomas, Joel Furness.

Ralph Hawley Team of the Year Award 
Ralph was a PE teacher and head of year at DHFS for many years. He loved his team sport and spent hours running extra curricular clubs. He taught entertaining lessons and had the ability to wear sunglasses in any weather. He was proud of his sporting successes and the job he did as a committed teacher. He sadly died 3 years ago this month from a heart attack, he would be proud to have this award named after him and everything that it stands for, commitment, pride, resilience and great teamwork.
Congratulations to the following winning teams:
Cross Country teams
Y10 Boys Football Team

Neil Sedgwick Leadership Award
Neil was an outstanding Head of PE 20 years ago. He was always there for the students, guiding and pushing them to be the best they could. He also encouraged and helped me develop into the head of PE role when he became a head of year. Neil loved his sports and played football, tennis and golf right up until he lost his battle with Cancer 2 years ago.
Students were given their first opportunities of Leadership from Neil. Leadership continues to play a vital part in our PE department. More than 70 students in years 7 to 13 help. Lots of events would be hard to run if it was not for these young leaders.
Congratulations to the following winner:
Michael Wilson

Sue Mason award for Physical Endeavour
Congratulations to the following winners:
Leah Gregory
Amy Allcard
Sophie Billups

Naomi Smith Award for Outstanding Contribution to Team Sport
This has been donated by Naomi’s family. Naomi represented everything great about playing and loving sport. She was an outstanding team player but sadly lost her battle with cancer 7 years ago. The winner has played many sports for school and been reliable committed and has represented school for 5 years in many sports.
Congratulations to the following winner:
Jacob Russell

Sports Personality Awards
6 Sports Personalities of the Year are picked; one from each year group Y7 to sixth form. This has been voted for by the PE staff from a shortlist of girls and boys in each year.
The winners of this award display a positive, committed attitude at all times, often in more than 1 sport all through the year. As a teacher you can rely on the winners at all times. They are great role models to all students in their own years and to others.
Congratulations to the following winners:
Y7 - Jess Griffin, Y8 - Ryan Andrews, Y9 - Michael Wilson, Y10 - Brendon Collins, Y11 - Amy Cooper.

A Message From Mr Cooper
Although COVID-19 will be remembered as a large part of my first year at DHFS, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that another lasting memory will be the superb success of the PE department and the tremendous buzz and energy that the students and staff create in this area. The school has a long and proud tradition of success and competing at a high level and this year has been no exception. As the newsletter indicates, we have had great success in a number of sports which comes down to the dedication, commitment and hard work of so many students and staff. With a positive work ethic and approach anything is achievable and our students have demonstrated this in buckets this year. We are tremendously proud of them.

Whilst there are too many individual and success stories to mention here, I do want to pay recognition to all the football teams who took us all on such a magical and exciting journey to the final stages of a number of national competitions. The girls and boys who participated demonstrated a magnificent attitude and strong competitive desire to perform to their best. It was a joy to watch and be part of, even on those cold, blustery and windswept afternoons on the astro. Thank you to all the students and staff who make our PE faculty so strong and such a pleasure to be part of.

Many Thanks,
Mr Cooper

Thank You.
In PE we achieved our best A2 results ever. Our A2 PE results were outstanding and reflect a pattern of growth over the past few years with a huge shift in numbers of students making their required progress and more. We hit our target of gaining more top grades A*-A putting us in the top 10% in the country.
At a time when academic results are so important and wellbeing and mental health of students is so important sport and physical activity is even more important.
Extra-curricular, sport and physical activity allow our students to develop life skills that are not measured by a target or an exam. Social, physical and mental benefits, cooperation, communication, commitment, reliability, health benefits and making and seeing new friends.
As a department we would like to thank all the students, and sports leaders who have helped referee, umpire and lead events this year. This helps us no end we appreciate it. We have a hall of fame in the sports hall and if you do a sporting activity out of school that we don’t know about to high level please see Miss Burke for how to get in to this exclusive club. We hope when school returns we will be able to play and enjoy sport and all physical activities once again.

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Mrs Hooper
Curriculum leader PE

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