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DHFS Projects at KS3 (Y7-9)

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our Projects Page. We are excited to present the new way of working for our DHFS community of students, teachers and families. You will see that all KS3 groups (and some KS4 and KS5) will now be asked to work in the style of medium-term projects. Teachers are still on hand to guide and support, and to offer feedback to ensure a quality learning process. 

The benefits of working in this way are vast. We hope that students will find it easier to manage their workload and time. Project work will be set via email initially at the start of term 5 and then teachers will prompt and guide student activity each week. As long as students meet the deadline at the end of term, they can manage their time according to how it best fits their home situation. Additionally, we hope these projects will inspire many and various learning conversations in the home, where students discuss their work with parents, carers and siblings to gain the benefit of a wider field of wisdom and to build on the dialogue they are having remotely with their teachers via email. Students will be able to make choices about the activities, tasks and approaches they take to complete the tasks. This encourages a greater sense of independent learning, responsibility, resilience and reflection and builds confidence, as well as relieving pressures on the access to technology that many of us are finding to be an issue in this new situation where every family member is suddenly working from home. We also encourage students to look for connections across subject areas. This is a unique opportunity to take learning out of the classroom and into the real world, where subjects naturally cross over and intertwine.

Ultimately, we hope this new approach allows students and their families to make the most of the unprecedented context we find ourselves in as a country, indeed as an international community. We will certainly all look back on these days spent in lock down with a wide range of emotions, and we understand that every family is different, and will experience differing levels of practical and emotional upheaval during this time. We feel that it is vitally important for us to engage and motivate our learners from the distance that has been imposed upon us. Why do we study? Because we are curious and interested and committed to building our knowledge of the world so that we can make the best possible individual contribution to it.

For the coming weeks, possibly months, we're swapping the classroom for the home environment, but we are excited to see what unique learning comes from this temporary change. We are still here to help you every working day.

Stay in touch. Stay motivated. Stay safe.

The staff team at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.