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Access to Personal Inormation Procedure.pdf135 kb27-Sep-18
Accessibility Plan.pdf686 kb14-Jun-19
Admissions Policy.pdf144 kb14-Jun-19
Anti Bullying Guidance Document.pdf1.3 MB18-Nov-19
Anti-Bullying Policy & Procedures.pdf572 kb18-Nov-19
Attendance Policy & Procedures.pdf356 kb25-Jun-19
Behaviour & Discipline Policy & Procedures.pdf571 kb22-Nov-18
BTEC Appeals & Complaints Policy.pdf542 kb15-Feb-19
BTEC Assessment Recording Reporting and IV Policy - Draft.docx.pdf522 kb15-Feb-19
BTEC Examinations Policy Draft.pdf271 kb12-Feb-19
Careers Information Advice & Guidance - Whole School Policy.pdf72 kb26-Sep-17
CCTV Interim Policy.pdf214 kb22-Mar-19
Charging Policy .pdf310 kb10-Sep-19
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy.pdf288 kb22-Nov-18
Complaints Policy .pdf839 kb10-Sep-19
Confidentiality & Handling Sensitive Issues Policy.pdf264 kb14-Jun-19
Derbyshire Admissions Scheme.pdf77 kb14-Oct-16
Dronfield-Henry-Fanshawe-School-Privacy-Notice-v2.pdf258 kb03-Dec-19
Drugs & Substance Abuse Policy.pdf665 kb18-Nov-19
Educational Trips & Offsite Visits Policy.pdf679 kb18-Nov-19
Equalities Policy & Objectives.pdf165 kb11-Apr-17
Equality & Diversity Policy.pdf261 kb14-Jun-19
Examinations BTEC Registration and Certification - Draft.pdf242 kb15-Feb-19
Examinations Disability Policy - DRAFT.pdf524 kb12-Feb-19
Examinations Malpractice BTEC Policy - Draft.pdf423 kb15-Feb-19
Examinations Mobile Phone-Smart Watch Policy - DRAFT.pdf641 kb12-Feb-19
Examinations Policy.pdf127 kb26-Sep-18
Examinations Resit Payment Policy.pdf326 kb12-Feb-19
Feedback & Improvement Policy.pdf767 kb16-Apr-19
Fire Safety Policy.pdf45 kb22-Mar-19
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.pdf434 kb06-Feb-19
GDPR & Data Protection Policy.pdf200 kb27-Sep-18
Health and Safety Policy.pdf274 kb22-Mar-19
Homework Policy.pdf75 kb25-Apr-18
ICT Policy.pdf67 kb22-Nov-17
Intimate & Personal Care Policy.pdf160 kb26-Sep-17
Learning & Teaching Policy.pdf59 kb15-Nov-16
Learning Resource Centre - Information Advice & Guidance - Whole School Policy.pdf137 kb20-Jun-18
Leave of Absence Form for Students in Sixth Form.pdf69 kb31-Jan-19
Leave of Absence Form for Students.pdf116 kb24-Jun-19
Lockdown Procedures.pdf263 kb22-Nov-18
Marking & Feedback Policy.pdf206 kb15-Nov-16
Photography & Videos at School Policy.pdf430 kb18-Apr-19
Physical Intervention - Use of Force to Control & Restrain Students Policy & Procedures.pdf105 kb22-Nov-17
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy.pdf132 kb11-Jan-16
Privacy Notice - September 2019.pdf473 kb16-Sep-19
PSHE Policy & Guidance.pdf114 kb11-Apr-17
Relationships Sex & Health Policy.pdf655 kb18-Nov-19
Retention Schedule for School Records.pdf318 kb30-Apr-18
School Dinner Money Policy.pdf311 kb30-Jul-15
SEND Policy.pdf409 kb20-Nov-19
Separated Parents Policy.pdf96 kb22-Nov-17
Staff & Student Owned ICT Devices.pdf332 kb18-Apr-19
Student Progress & Welfare Policy.pdf85 kb22-Nov-17
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions.pdf231 kb26-Sep-17
Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation Policy.pdf854 kb18-Nov-19
Uniform Expectations Booklet 2018-19.pdf684 kb26-Feb-18
Uniform Expectations Booklet 2019-20.pdf664 kb12-Sep-19