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  • Interhouse Challenge

    Thursday 18th October, 2018:

    Calling all singers, rappers and bands. Come and audition for The Voice 2018, and our 'One Take' Rap Contest. Students in bands/ groups do not have to be in the same house. Closed auditions take place 12:30-1pm on 16th, 17th, 18th October, in D1.

  • Interhouse Creative (Comic)

    Friday 19th October, 2018:

    Comic Book Challenge: Let your artistic imagination run riot! Create your very own comic book. Judges are looking for an original idea with great storyline and characters. Submit entries in mentor time, to reception, by Friday 19th October.

  • Interhouse Creative (Autumn)

    Friday 19th October, 2018:

    Autumn Decorations Challenge: Something for crafty types. Create your very own autumn decoration. Any autumn themed inspiration can be used including Halloween. Submit entries in mentor time, to reception, by Friday 19th October.

  • Interhouse Sports

    Tuesday 23rd October, 2018:

    Interhouse Sports competitions, Term 1: Y9/10 Netball (girls and boys combined); Y9/10 Football (girls and boys combined). 23rd, 24th, 25th October, 12:30-1pm. Sign up via the sheet in your 'mentor competition folder'.

  • Young Walter Scott Prize

    Wednesday 31st October, 2018:

    For 11-19 year olds. Write an historical story set in a time before you were born. Winners get their work published, a £500 travel and research grant, and an invite to the Borders Book Festival in Scotland. Submit by 31st October. Post entries only.

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  • Macmillan Children's Poetry

    Wednesday 31st October, 2018:

    For 16 year olds and under. Can you imagine what might happen in a library when the librarian isn't there? Write a poem starting "When the librarian isn't there...". 2 winners will receive a bundle of poetry books. Submit by Wednesday 31st October.

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House Competitions 2018-19

Term / Date Sport Challenge Creative
Term 1 /
5th Sept 2018 - 25th Oct 2018
Netball (Year 9/10)
Football (Year 9/10)
The Voice / Rap Contest
Autumn Decorations
Comic Book Creation
Term 2 /
5th Nov 2018 - 21st Dec 2018
Benchball (Year 7)
Hockey (Year 8/9)
Mario Kart Tournament
Christmas Card Design
Christmas Ornaments
Term 3 /
7th Jan 2019 - 15th Feb 2019
Basketball (Year 8/9)
Football (Year 11)
The Big Debate
Planner Design
The Great Invention
Term 4 /
26th Feb 2019 - 12th Apr 2019
Football (Year 7/8)
Netball (Year 7/8)
DHFS Bake Off
Egg Design
The Poetry Games
Term 5 /
29th Apr 2019 - 24th May 2019
Rounders (Year 7/8/9)
University Challenge @DHFS
Game Master
Term 6 /
3rd Jun 2019 - 19th Jul 2019
Sports Day preparations
The Sound of Music
Photograph Challenge

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