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Sharing Best PracticeThis feedback and improvement strategy for whole class understanding involves the teacher filling out a record sheet while they look through a set of books, then using their findings to inform future planning with a particular class...

Here is something I have discovered as I was researching effective feedback and improvement strategies. The resource is from a blog written by teacher and blogger, 'Mrs Humanities'. It is called the Feedforward Book Look Record. Yes - it's a bit of a mouthful to say, but the premise of it seems quite useful!

The basic premise is that whilst looking through a set of books, you fill in the record sheet regarding who to praise, identify any students with any unfinished work, any whole-class common misconceptions, SPaG, next steps and assessment for understanding. The blog author then goes into detail about how to fill in each section of the record sheet and how this then helps to inform the teacher’s future planning with a particular class.

Reflecting on my own feedback strategy, I know that sometimes I write students' names on post-it-notes for who to praise and who did something well, and have another post-it-note detailing where another student could improve, just so I remember who to prioritise in my feedback! With it all being on one record sheet, I feel I would find this really useful when feeding back to the class after marking a set of books.

Regarding the common misconceptions, sometimes it can be quite repetitive if you were to identify the same mistake on each student’s book, therefore to list the names of students with the same mistake on the record sheet, this would be likely to save time. Feedback would then occur to the whole class in the next lesson, in order to clarify the misunderstandings.

Find out more using the link below which takes you to this particular resource. I am going to try it with my GCSE class and hopefully will find it useful!


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