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Sixth FormOur students enjoy learning. Whilst university is still the main choice of most of our students, many more are deciding to either take a gap year or to gain further qualifications through school and college. We fully support our learners in whatever career path they decide through our Careers Guidance Service.

September 2018 Data

    Science, Tech, Engineering, Maths (STEM) 32%
    Medicine / Nursing and Therapies / Health 3%
    Humanities 8%
    Business Related and IT 10%
81.4 % to University   Arts / Media / Drama 9%
    Law / Criminology / Psychology / Sociology 16%
    Education 2%
    Sports 8%
    Language / English / Combined 12%

31% of students progressed to Russell Group universities.

41% of students progressed to competitive universities including Russell Group and 1994 Group.

    Deferred uni place / Gap Year / Other 7%
18.6% Other   Further Education / Year 14 (including Art Foundation) 6.2%
    Apprenticeships 5.4%

Student Destinations data

Year 11 NEET (Not Engaged in Education of Training) figures have been 0% in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. This means that every one of our Year 11 students moved onto a successful transition pathway at the end of Year 11. The figures for 2017 have not yet been confirmed (as of January 2018), but are likely to be very similar.

The DfE's Analyse School Performance (ASP) data for Year 13 students leaving Year 11 in 2015 shows the following statistics.

Please note that the data looks at students who left Key Stage 4 two years ago, hence it measures success and destinations after Key Stage 5.

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