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Sixth FormThis page contains the following information;

What are the entry requirements for Sixth Form?

Our expected entry requirements for AS/A Level are 5 x 9-5 GCSE grades including maths and English plus subject specific requirements. If you wish to study some subjects you will need to gain a grade 6 in the subject at GCSE Level. Some may ask for a grade 7.

For further information please see entry requirements for each subject in the course booklet.

All offers are subject to Head of Department / Faculty approval. If you wish to study a Vocational qualification you must have 5 x 9-4 grades at GCSE including maths and English plus subject specific requirements. If you do not achieve these qualifications / grades, a place may be offered at the discretion of the Headteacher. In this case a special contract will be drawn up by the school and progress will be monitored closely. These will only be offered in exceptional circumstances.

Please Note: Any vocational qualifications which are more than one GCSE will only be counted as one GCSE. Students must secure five other GCSEs at appropriate grades.


Choosing a course

Your final choice of a course is the result of a long process of consultation and negotiations. We suggest that in choosing a course you should ask yourself some questions.

  1. Are these subjects the ones I would enjoy studying in depth?
  2. Is this a satisfactorily balanced group of subjects?
  3. Do my career plans require me to aim for specific qualifications?
  4. Will this combination of subjects enable me to continue with the kind of higher education or
  5. Training I may like to take up when I leave school?
  6. Have I the ability to achieve a good grade in these subjects?
  7. You must get the approval and signatures of subject staff and Head of Department / Faculty on your application form.

For further information, please see course details in the booklet provided below. Additional help on how to choose A Levels is also available;


Enrichment activities

At Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School Sixth Form we are dedicated to providing students with a curriculum that will allow them to continue to grow and develop outside of their chosen subjects.

We offer a suite of subjects and non-assessed activities to foster this development, providing students with a variety of skills for the next stage in their education or careers, you will find more information about these in our Enrichment Curriculum Booklet below;


Timeline for applications – 2020 enrolment

  • October 2019: Students receive the Sixth Form prospectus, course booklet and the 'How to pick A Levels' booklet.
  • November 2019: All Year 11 students receive guidance meetings from some members of SLT and the Sixth Form Team. SPR1 projections will be discussed. Sixth Form Information Evening - 13th November, from 6pm to 9pm - This is an opportunity for parents and students to discuss options and Sixth Form courses with the Sixth Form Team and subject staff.
  • January 2020: Application forms, together with photographs, must be returned no later than 31st January. These will be sent to faculty areas to confirm acceptance. Relevant staff will sign their application form.
  • February 2020: Some auditions will take place in music and drama. The Sixth Form Team will process all applications. Successful applicants (where SPR2 / most recent school report projections meet entrance requirements) will be made a conditional offer of a place. Offer and rejection letters will be sent by the end of February. External applicants will receive guidance meetings during this time.
  • April to July 2020: Some applicants will receive additional meetings to discuss course choices / changes, potential clashes or suitability (for example, if SPR / report projections have changed). Students who have not been offered a place but now meet the entrance requirements (SPR4 / latest school report) may wish to have their applications reconsidered.
  • July 2020: Timetable rollover when new Year 12 students will begin their courses and A Level summer preparation work will be distributed to students.
  • August 2020: GCSE Results Day – Thursday 20th August. If students achieve suitable grades they should complete the transition form in their GCSE packs (internal) or download it from the bottom of this page. A formal offer will then be made. If students who were rejected achieve results that meet the entrance requirements, they will be interviewed on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August to discuss a place (subject to availability). If students do not achieve the required results, then applicants will also be interviewed provisionally on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August, following receipt of their GCSE results. If a student wishes to change a subject or request a place on a course where they have not met the entry requirements, decisions will be made by the faculty. Please be aware, that this might not be possible until when school restarts in September.
  • September 2020: Year 12 students enrol in Sixth Form.


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