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Thursday 20th August 2015

Exceptional results at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe!

Delighted staff and students are celebrating outstanding GCSE results this morning. Students have performed extremely well across the board and there are many exceptional individual performances with students attaining 10 or more top grades at A*/A and many with full marks including one student who gained 400/400 for physics!

The overall headline figure for 5 GCSE passes is 84% and 5 or more A*-C including English and maths is up 4% on last year at over 78%. In terms of progress 84% of students made expected progress in both English and maths and a massive 46% made more than expected progress in both subjects.

Headteacher, Teresa Roche, said "I am absolutely delighted for our students and staff. They have worked so hard to achieve these superb results and I am proud of every single one of them.  Our Exams Team have been brilliant throughout the whole exam period. We are one of the largest schools in the country and so they have a huge logistical exercise to schedule and invigilate exam sessions for over 900 students. These results reflect the skill and commitment of our staff in the ever changing educational landscape and I would like to thank them on behalf of students and parents. Students and parents can enjoy a wonderful day secure in the knowledge of how well students have performed.  Well done everybody!"

T B Roche

Best ever A Level Results for DHFS!

Sixth Form students, staff and parents are celebrating the school's best ever results! A Celebration Breakfast is underway at DHFS as students start to prepare for the next stage of their careers. Results have continued the improvements of previous years with 99+% of entries gaining pass grades, 56% at the top grades A*/B and 83% at Grade C and above. 

Headteacher Teresa Roche said "We are delighted for our students and their families. These are excellent results which are testament to the skill, commitment and hard work of staff and students. The value-added they represent to our students is outstanding and means that the vast majority of students are celebrating acceptance at places on top flight courses at competitive universities and apprenticeship providers. Huge thanks to our Exams Team who have been in school from 0600 this morning getting everything ready for our Celebration Breakfast and to all those staff, students and parents who made it a record turnout this year. Well done everyone!"  

These results are amongst the highest we have seen so far today across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and represent the excellence we see day in day out at DHFS Sixth Form. Check our twitter for info and photos:


no imageFrom the foundation of the original Henry Fanshawe School in 1579 by Thomas Fanshawe, education in Dronfield has seen many changes, many successes and some setbacks.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School can look back over many years with pride, and look to the future with confidence.

The Dronfield School

The Dronfield School was formed when Henry Fanshawe School, Gosforth School and Gladys Buxton School merged to become one school in September 1990. With 1950 pupils and 127 staff, it became the largest school in Derbyshire. The School was officially opened by Harry Barnes, M.P. on the 28th January 1991. Before the merger, Gosforth School and Gladys Buxton School were separate feeder schools, housing pupils in years 7, 8 and 9.

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The Gosforth School

The Gosforth School first opened in 1955 and was officially opened in June 1956 by Lady Simon of Wythenshawe. The Gosforth School was built in two stages. The first stage provided up to 300 places for students. After the second stage was built in 1956, there were a further 450 pupil places for pupils aged 11 and over.

Gladys Buxton School

The Gladys Buxton School opened for business in 1960 and on the 7th March 1961, Mrs. Gladys Buxton, the Chair of Derbyshire Education Committee, officially opened the school. The School was closed in 1990 and the buildings are now used for community education.

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The Henry Fanshawe Site

By far the oldest part of the school is at the present Henry Fanshawe site, where in 1866 the Rev. Charles Fanshawe laid the foundation stone on the present site overlooking Chesterfield Road. The school moved into this neo-Elizabethan building from its original site overlooking Fanshawe Bank, near Church Street.

Extensions to the original building in 1914, 1938 and 1972 formed a quadrangle which encases the Memorial Garden (1950) and houses I.T., Maths, R.E. and Business Studies and a fully equipped careers centre.

Further permanent buildings were added in the 1970s to house humanities, languages, biology, drama and the library. A sports hall and some temporary classrooms were added in 1979 to house the increasing school population.

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The Henry Fanshawe site has suffered two fires in its relatively recent past. The first of these destroyed the old sports hall which was replaced in 1986 with a state of the art sports centre. The fire in 1993 destroyed 60 percent of the Henry Fanshawe site, but fortunately was brought under control before it reached the the new sports hall and the original buildings. As a result of the second fire, a new £2,000,000 building was constructed. State of the art facilities were installed in the building and the Science labs, Technology and The Phoenix Business Centre boast some of the best facilities in the county.

Despite having a fire on the Fanshawe site, the school has managed to retain its reputation for good grades and has proved itself by improving grades in GCSE and 'A' Level examinations since the merger.

no imageUpgrade of the school's facilities is an ongoing process, with improvements including the complete refurbishment of two Biology laboratories in D Block and the construction of a Humanities Department computer suite in upper C Block during the summer of 2001.

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School

With the closure of the Gosforth site in July 2004, the Henry Fanshawe site underwent a major refurbishment program and F Block was constructed in order to accommodate the secondary school pupils in Dronfield. The new Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School was officially opened in the Autumn of 2004.