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Drama ProductionsIn March 2019, Year 11 performing arts students performed their final pieces which were months in the making. They consisted of original, self devised material, including drama, dance and singing, as 15 minute performances...

Grace Shaw, Year 11, reviewed the performances:

"The performances varied from a heart-warming story of a young girl battling leukaemia, to a dark and twisted take on mental health issues suffered in society. Each student showed their hard work and dedication to the subject and should all be very proud of what they have achieved.

My performance showed the on-going struggle faced by every person in society and how even after many years, the struggle still continues. Our performance was meant to show the audience that in order to battle the hardships of today's society we must first help each other.

On the first night of the performance, there was one which showed the journey of a young girl who wanted to become an artist (much to the dismay of her parents who wanted her to embrace subjects such as science and maths). This performance was more humorous than the others on the night and was able to tell a very touching story whilst entertaining the audience. "

Mr Parker, Head of Creative Arts said the following:

"Well done to all the year 11 performing arts students who showed such a wonderful level of commitment to their work. The three evenings showcased such a range of talents - acting; singing; dancing; writing and make-up design."

It's always great to see the wonderful work of our students. Thanks to everyone involved.