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Primary Art WorkshopYear 3 children from William Levick Primary School spent a fantastic afternoon with our Year 12 A level art students on Monday 1st April, 2019, learning several different techniques to produce wonderful pieces of work...

Student Emilie Saville commented about the experience:

"The whole experience at William Levick Primary School was extremely rewarding for myself and my friends. Having taken responsibility for planning the lesson and gathering the resources, seeing the Year 3 children enjoy themselves was the best feeling. They experimented with paint, oil pastel, fineliner and water, watercolours and white pencil and the results were brilliant. Being able to make something that many people feel they can't do, whether it be drawing or painting or just being creative, really simple and get really successful results was our aim and it was definitely what we got from the children! We are all very thankful that we got to participate in such a lovely afternoon with the children."

William Levick fed back with the following on Twitter:

"Year 3 have had an incredible afternoon with Miss Macnair and students from DHFS. They have produced some amazing artwork and learnt about skills such as oil pastel printing and brush techniques."

You can see examples of their work below: