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Erasmus+ ProjectFrom Tuesday 18th to Monday 25th March, 2019, we have been hosting 21 visiting students and 8 visiting teachers from Germany, Spain and French Guiana. The visit is the first part of our Erasmus+ programme 2018-2020...

Our Erasmus+ group arrived at DHFS on Tuesday 18th March. 21 students and 8 teachers visited us for seven days for the first of our project visits.

The visiting students and teachers are from the Goldberg Gymnasium in Sindelfingen, the Deutsche Schule in Barcelona, the IES Rosalida in Málaga and the Lycée Gaston Monnerville in Kourou, French Guiana. The students will be hosted by 19 of our students from DHFS.

The theme of the project for the upcoming year will be 'Back to Nature' and we shall be engaging in a range of activities around this theme. Our planned activities include a visit to the Avenue Washlands Nature Reserve south of Chesterfield, Troway Hall and its bee hives, the Foundry Climbing Wall in Sheffield and a natural navigation walk from Burbage Bridge to Longshaw Estate and back.

In school we shall be making bee hotels and bird houses; we shall be having a South American fruit tasting courtesy of our visitors from Kourou; and making sustainable bags for life with a little help from our Barcelona guests.

Follow all our activities on DHFSInternational Twitter @DHFSErasmus