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MathsDuring late February and early March, 2019, mathematically minded DHFS students from years 10 and 11 have achieved a run of outstanding results in a series of recent regional and national mathematical competitions...

UK Maths Trust Challenge

130 students sat the UK Maths Trust Intermediate Challenge on Thursday 7th February, 2019, and incredibly 62% of students achieved a certificate which is a school record. 

The students had their problem solving skills tested with problems such as:

Digital Clock Puzzle

"A 24-hour digital clock shows the time in hours and minutes. How many times a day will it display all four digits 2, 0, 1, 9 in some order?"

5 students achieved results in the top 2.5% of entrants nationally and therefore made it through to the next international round which will be sat on Thursday 21st March.

Special mention to Tom Spencer and Oliver Archer who came top in their respective year groups.

Puzzle Answer: Incidentally the answer to the question is 10.

Maths Feast

Another group of 8 Year 10 students took part in the 'Maths Feast' competition on Wednesday the 6th March, competing against 13 other teams from schools in Sheffield and Derbyshire at Sheffield University.

The teams did DHFS proud with the team of Alice Daff, Sam Groarke, Harvey Jenkinson and Matt Freeland overall winners in the puzzle round!

If you see any the students around the school give them a pat on the back (or ask them to help you with your maths homework!)