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Fairtrade Bake OffOn Friday 1st March, 2019, over 30 students entered their bakes into the first ever Dronfield Henry Fanshawe Fairtrade Bake Off, after which, the mouth-watering treats were sold off to help raise money for Fairtrade...

Judges included members of the Dronfield Fairtrade Steering Group, local MP Lee Rowley, Mr Haveron and Mr James. All of the judges were impressed with the intricacies of the bakes and the effort that students must have put in to create such delicious cakes.

Winners of the Bake Off were Isabella and Jessica (Key Stage 3), Elliot (Key Stage 4) and Liam, Adam and Sam (Key Stage 5). After the Bake Off had been judged students were able to buy the cakes and we raised £45 for the Fairtade Foundation.

Thank you to all students who took part in the Bake Off or who made a donation!

Dronfield Fairtrade Steering Group followed up the day with the following message:

The Dronfield Fairtrade Steering Group want to say a big WELL DONE to all the students who took part in the Fairtrade Bake-Off. We were very impressed, as was Lee Rowley, our local MP - who especially enjoyed doing lots of tasting!

All the entries were brilliant! There were some super uses of Fairtrade ingredients. Some amazingly creative designs. Lots of very tasty bakes. So thank you for taking the time to participate in raising the profile of Fairtrade.

What is Fairtrade?

Millions of farmers depend on selling their crops to survive, but it's a risky business. When prices drop it can spell disaster. If farmers earn less money than it costs to run their farm, they face real hardship, struggling to buy food or keep their children in school. They may even lose their land altogether.

So what does Fairtrade mean?

  • Farmers are paid enough to cover what it costs them to grow their produce, pay for their basic needs and make some improvements to their lives
  • On top of that they receive money to spend in their communities on things like health and education and putting back into their businesses
  • It also helps them to protect the environment by better use of the natural resources and farming organically wherever possible instead of using harmful pesticides
  • By dealing directly with Fairtrade buyers, farmers can find out what people really want and can improve their products to meet people's needs. Also, by (pooling their resources and) working together, the small farmers not only save money – they also have a stronger voice and are listened to
  • Finally it means we understand more about their lives and their needs by reading their stories and even meeting them when the Fairtrade Foundation brings some of them over for Fairtrade Fortnight each year. And they understand more about what we can do to make trade more just.

What is the Fairtrade Foundation?

The Fairtrade Foundation awards the FAIRTRADE Mark to products in the UK that meet international Fairtrade standards. To find out what this means, go to The Fairtrade Foundation also helps people learn about Fairtrade in the UK.