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News"How many times a month do you eat fast food? Surely no more than three", says Thomas Clay, a Year 11 student who wrote an article for his English language class, that was published in February 2018 by the Sheffield Telegraph...

The 'Eating your way to a healthier life' article, published on Wednesday 21st February, follows.

Okay, maybe I should re-phrase my question: How many times 'should' you visit fast food restaurants each month? It is most apparent that obesity rates in children are rising at a phenomenal rate, as now one-in-10 young adolescents are considered obese. Absurd! Due to this terribly shocking issue, fast food giants are being attacked because of parents' inadequate ability to cook.

Picture this; you are a working-class man or woman who manufactures a revolutionary, innovative, society-changing company that begins to grow – faster than the value of bitcoin – and become fantastically successful in the food industry (ie most of the fast food chains that you are familiar with). You have driven your company to the top of the market and, after several years of grafting, you are raking in more than £300 million every year! Your company's worth is growing exponentially. Your income is sky-high, and your sales are rapidly increasing. However, you must stop. That's right; you are forced to stop making as much money as you can because of your narrow-minded, customers' parents wrong doings. Is that fair?

The world has grown over the past hundred years and so have we.

Parents all over the world want to sue fast food chains because of the parents' poor influence on their child. When was the last time your mum or dad cooked a nutritional, homemade meal for you? All the responsibilities of over-weight, illness-bound children lie with their parent's influence. My parents taught me that McDonalds; the succulent chicken of KFC and many more unhealthy foods were only to be a treat. Did you know that nine-in-10 parents who have obese children, believe their child is the 'correct' weight? Surely now, you will believe that it is 100 percent the parents' faults.

Let's take multi-billion-dollar company McDonalds for example. Made for delicious 'treats' and occasional joys; not for a regular occasion. When creating this company, the founder never expected or encouraged this restaurant to be a regular dining destination for some people. Do you go there too often? If it is over three times a month, then your answer is "yes" and you are responsible for your poor health.

The 21st century has a lot of great achievements under its belt, for example: many illnesses have become treatable; life-long questions have been answered and technology has improved massively. Alternatively, this fabulous century also has 'laziness' branded across its face. An increase in benefits, improvement of technology and an introduction of online shopping has caused the world to become significantly lazier. Proportional to a laziness increase, our lives have become much busier so when it comes around to cooking meals; people usually use the excuse that they are too busy. Is that the fast food companies' fault? No.

There is a lot more that could be done by the customers to improve their health. They own the responsibility.