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Student LeadersFollowing the analysis of a recent homework survey, which gathered feedback from students in all year groups, student leaders met with SLT during December 2017, to discuss the student body's views on homework at DHFS...

The 46 student leaders were selected earlier in the year following an afternoon of team building and decision making exercises designed to test a range of leadership skills. Since then they have met every Friday to work on a range of projects aimed at improving the school for our students.

In October 2017, students at DHFS were asked what they considered the biggest issue, and homework came out as the clear winner. Student leaders then devised a questionnaire to find out what issues students have with homework, and how it could be made more accessible for everyone. These results were analysed and the main findings were presented to our Senior Leadership Team.

One of the student leaders who was present at the meeting said;

"We all know from the recent school-wide vote that homework is considered the biggest issue in school. While we are aware it may not be everyone's favourite way to spend time out of school, it is important that we get as much benefit as we can from the homework we are given.

In the recent SLT meeting with students and senior members of staff, we presented the results of the homework survey. We also discussed ways in which we could benefit from the homework given as opposed to getting given homework for the sake of it.

Some ideas for improving homework at DHFS were;

  • to have another homework club so it can be done in school hours
  • to have a way in which younger students could get help from their older peers who may have previously learned about a certain topic
  • to try to spread out homework more evenly
  • to try and sort the issues with accessing MyMaths online

Some of the key findings from the homework survey will be shared with the whole of the school and we'll let you know as improvements are discussed and put into place.

If you'd like to know more about the suggested improvements to homework, come and ask one of the student leadership team."

Student leaders will be busy this term preparing another questionnaire for students about the issues they face in school, and finding new ways to make the views of our students heard. They will also be interviewing senior members of staff as well as working on fundraising and helping with whole school events.