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SkillForce First AidFrom September 2017, some Year 7, 8, and 11s, have been taking part in the SkillForce Junior Prince's Award, which helps young people to enjoy and value learning, while acquiring skills for life. First Aid training is now complete...

The students received a certificate for their First Aid accomplishments, learning how to perform CPR, what to do if someone is choking, dealing with a heart attack, and how to deal with serious bleeds.

The SkillForce Junior Prince's Award

"It's the Best thing ever!" - Amelia Seymour, Year 8

The SkillForce Junior Prince's Award provides a unique combination of reflective learning and practical activities, enabling learners to connect with their goals and aspirations, whilst helping them to value their own skills. The programme runs until the end of the year and covers:

  • Team-building and problem-solving challenges
  • Team sports
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • First Aid training
  • Navigation skills
  • A social action project
  • Material on Remembrance
  • Learners complete a logbook to record and reflect on their achievements

"When I first started Skill force I didn't know who anyone was and I didn't have enough confidence, but now I have enough confidence so I can do things I would have never done before. It has really helped me." - Harry Bisby, Year 8

Through high levels of effort and creativity, the students have produced their own Remembrance display and are now beginning to acquire navigation skills.

The students can go on to do the SkillForce Prince William Award to further develop their skills, and the programme is a great stepping stone towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award, using their learned navigation and pursuit skills.

The SkillForce Prince William Award

Some of our Year 10s have been taking part in the Trailblazer programme of the SkillForce Prince William Award.

"I like doing SkillForce, I enjoy doing the different activities." - John Turner, Year 10

Starting from September 2017, and continuing until the end of the year, the Trailblazer programme integrates work on different aspects of character, encouraging students to identify the character behaviours that can guide them and inspire performance. It encourages individuals to recognise that they possess leadership capacity to make decisions and take responsibility, instead of being driven by emotional, kneejerk reactions.

Our Year 10s will take part in challenging leadership, resilience, respect, responsibility, teamwork, trust, problem solving, self-control, confidence, and co-operation tasks, to name just a few.

The mindfulness and listening activities seem to have had a big impact on the students, allowing them to recognise their own thoughts and feelings, knowing how to relax and how their own body language sends signals to the person they are talking to.

More about SkillForce

SkillForce (supported by our Royal Patron, Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge) is a national education charity who invest in children and young people to help them make positive choices and feel 'comfortable in their own skin', building confidence, resilience, and good character, using the skills and experience of ex-Services personnel.