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Ice HockeyAmy-Leigh Ibbotson is an avid fan of the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team and she keeps a detailed blog with information, interviews, and photos, from each match. Her passion paves the way for a future in Sports Physiotherapy...

Amy is currently in Year 9 and her passion carries through to many aspects of her life. She has even personalised her English book with autographs from the players! She certainly will be treasuring that exercise book for years to come.

After each match, Amy-Leigh updates her 'Ice The Puck' blog, which has proved so popular that even the players read it to check up on what her views are.

Amy told us;

"I am very passionate about the sport of ice hockey and my match reporting is based on my view of Sheffield Steelers home and away games. My reports may sound like a story - but that's my aim - to make each report interesting to the reader, based on my experience of the game! I have also started to include player interviews with different members, so far with the Sheffield Steelers assistant coach Jerry Andersson, and also Rungsted Seier Capital's own Mike Vernace.

I find the game of ice hockey interesting because of the way it is played and the manner in how the players take the hits like it's nothing, and the talent it takes to be part of the sport. How they treat the fans is another thing; every player on every team will take as much time as a fan needs to chat, have photos taken, and sign anything. They always take interest in fans' lives and will make time, no matter what.

I blog about ice hockey because I enjoy the sport, and it gives me another thing to enjoy about the game. It also makes me feel proud reaching different achievements writing the reports, like hitting new goals and meeting lots of new people! The positive comments also make me want to continue writing my own work and the fact that I can put a picture into anyone's mind who wasn't at that particular game.

My aspiration for the future isn't actually to go into Sports Journalism, but instead as a Sports Physiotherapist. I know I'll always have journalism there but it's not my first choice to pursue a career in."

We definitely recommend you checking out her blog as her insights are astute and reflect her love and passion for the game and team!

Well done Amy. Keep up the great work!