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Anti-Stigma AmbassadorsOn Wednesday 1st November, 2017, three DHFS students attended a one day training course at Brookfield Community School in order to become mental health 'Anti-Stigma Ambassadors'. Their work in school will help raise awareness...

Abi Powell, Ethan Wilkinson and Ella Staniforth were selected to attend after their outstanding applications were shortlisted last term.

The ambassadors will hold their first meeting in school on Monday 6th November, in which they will be designing a Student Voice questionnaire, to gain a better insight into students' views regarding the current mental health provision in school. This will hopefully enable them to implement support and strategies more effectively over the coming months. They are also looking to raise awareness of a range of mental health conditions across the staff and student body.

The ambassadors were exceptional DHFS representatives on the day, and we are sure that lots of excellent work will be done to help towards this great cause over the coming months.

Anti-Stigma Ambassadors support the 'Be a Mate' campaign

One in ten young people experience a mental health problem.

Stigma about mental health can stop children and young people talking about their feelings, and reinforces negative views about mental health. This ultimately means that they are less likely to seek the help they need.

The 'Be a Mate - Make a Difference' campaign, launched by the Future in Mind Partnership in October 2017, sends a clear message that stigma is wrong, and that we should support people that need help. It encourages schools and community groups to join in by becoming Anti-Stigma Ambassadors, and develop actions to tackle stigma and promote great mental health in children and young people. Young people themselves helped to develop the campaign.

'Be a Mate' aims to have an anti-stigma ambassador in every school and community group in Derbyshire.

Free training sessions on what can be done are currently being held across Derbyshire, with the aim of supporting schools and community groups to create an environment where it is safe and comfortable to talk about mental health so we can enhance the well-being of everyone.

Free School Resource Pack

The Future in Mind Partnership has commissioned a free schools resource pack to help schools promote great mental health. The packs contain lesson plans and plenty of information and activities to stimulate discussion and understanding. They are also an interesting read for anyone who has an interest in mental health and well-being.


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