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Exam RevisionRevision is an essential ingredient for success and is a key skill that should be learnt, practiced and developed at all ages. We've got some great revision tips to help you maximise your time preparing for exams...

What is revision?

Revision is re-looking at previous information you have already learnt, reducing the amount of information relating to a subject to a series of key points.

"Fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail."


  • Start revision early
  • Make a realistic revision timetable
  • Buy / use recommended subject revision books
  • Be organised with your equipment

Starting Revision:

  • Make sessions work for YOU – actively learn
  • Reduce class notes to easy to remember information (single A4 sheet) – mind map, bullet points, flow diagram whatever works for you
  • Use past exam paper questions and mark schemes to check your revision
  • Have clear and specific goals for each revision period – have you achieved your target?
  • Have start and finish times and stick to them – quality over quantity
  • Stop and take a break if the information is not going in
  • Don't waste time struggling – make a note of it and ask your teacher
  • Don't be influenced by friends who talk about how little work they are doing. It is for YOU and no one else – short term sacrifices for long term gains!

Revision tips, advice and exams information

Explore the website for other exams and revision related resources, and more great tips and advice.

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