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Exam StressMany students across the country are now heading into examinations season. Some students will inevitably get stressed by this experience but there are things you can easily do to keep anxiety to a minimum...

Simply take a deep breath and do some planning. Research has shown that whether you are a surgeon, soldier, spy or surveyor, increased planning leads to reduced stress.

Use the resources in our Revision Tips & Guides area to maximise the effectiveness of the time you spend revising. Who knows, you may even manage to make your revision sessions enjoyable!

Support in school

If you feel unduly stressed, share your concerns with a parent, sibling, friend or staff member. Although this may be your first journey through this experience, staff members around you have spent many, many years supporting young people through examinations and will usually be able to provide some calming words and helpful tips!

Struggling with revision or exam stress? Relaxation class is in D4 on Friday lunchtimes, from 12:35-1pm.

Support from mums, dads and carers

According to a recent study;

"Parental support is eight times more important in determining a child's academic success than social class."

Mums and dads can get involved by taking on the following roles:

  • Attendance officer – to lessons, revision sessions and examinations
  • Provider of tools / equipment and space to revise
  • Study buddy – helping with revision (sometimes just showing an interest)
  • Sounding board and advisor – helping your child to break down the tasks and organise the preparation
  • Project manager – agreeing rules for homework and revision
  • Go-between – for your child and the school when necessary

Remember, the examination season won't last for ever. In a few months all of this will be over and you can head into the summer secure in the knowledge that you did your personal best!

Good luck and remember; don't panic - prepare.

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