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Rick AllenRichard John Cyril Allen attended DHFS during the mid 70s. He dropped out of school at 15 to play drums for the hard rock band Def Leppard, overcame the amputation of his left arm in his early 20s, and continues to play and tour with the band until this day...

Rick started playing drums when he was 9. His mum replied to an advert on his behalf when he was 14, which sought to replace the previous drummer in Def Leppard, and he officially joined the band on his 15th birthday. He dropped out of school soon afterwards.

On New Year's Eve in 1984, Rick was involved in a car accident near Sheffield, which threw him from his car and severed his left arm near the shoulder. Doctors initially reattached the arm but it was later re-amputated due to infection. Rick now play drums on a custom kit, using four foot pedals to play the pieces he used to play with his left arm.

In addition to an impressive musical career, Rick and his wife are the co-founders of The Raven Drum Foundation, a charity located in Malibu, California, with a mission to serve, educate, and empower veterans and people in crisis through the Project Resiliency program. The Raven Drum Foundation commonly works to help individuals and communities in crisis through healing arts programs, drum circle events, and collaborative partnerships.

When he isn't playing music or supporting people with PTSD, Rick enjoys photography and painting. His art can be found in numerous locations, most notably, the Wentworth Gallery.

Rick now lives in California with his singer-songwriter wife, Lauren Monroe, along with their two daughters.